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Poster: Noah 8-? Date: May 19, 2016 8:52pm
Forum: movies Subject: A problem with abuses to IA

Problem? I don't have a problem - - - I would surmise that IA might be a little tied up with an uploader that on 20160515-Sunday uploaded an item every 21 seconds for each and every minute of those 24 hours.

Other standard IA participants might be a little overwhelmed at trying to contribute among the THOUSANDS of auto-uploaded items copied from PBS and individual broadcast companies around the planet (already part of their own recorded archives). What is it now - - - 43,000 uploads? at several thousands per day? I would be.

I think IA might have a problem with an uploader that provides pages and pages of uploads of pdf's masquerading as videos but were in reality links elsewhere; BUT had randomly auto-generated names as the providers so as to really impede standard identification.

Now it seems that maybe some of these folks have actually paid for the privilege of obfuscating the site.

Problem - - - I got no problem - - - IA might have some.

What I got, are - - - observations.